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VHS Booster Club Initiatives


Tanager Feet Forward/Kelcy's Kicks

Each year we provide 60-80 pairs of quality shoes to our Vermillion high school and middle school students in need. We assist with shoes for every day, athletics, and sometimes even for job skills. Our goal is to begin each school year with new quality shoes to fill in the gaps as needed throughout the year. We have been collecting money and shoes since 2019 and hope to gain a sustainable fund that will allow us to keep our students moving forward and giving them an opportunity to fit in with their peers.

Booster Club Scholarship

Each year the Booster Club will provide a scholarship to two athletes in the amount of $1000 each. Our Tanager Athletes will be recognized for their community service, dedication to Tanager Sports and their ability to excel in the classroom.

vhs scholars.jpeg

Coach's Funding Requests

Supporting our coaches and helping fund their needs is a large part of the Booster Fundraising. This covers various things such as camps, equipment, and travel needs.

Tanager Athlete Assistance

We want to ensure equal playing opportunities throughout our Tanager Athletics, as every student deserves to have the ability to play sports. We would like to provide underserved athletes with uniforms, equipment and continued mentorship with their teammates.

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